Legacy of Laurian

Swarm Night

Bastion begins this Chapter with a problem: he needs to talk with Luc about the mysterious initiation rites to the Pack. The pack warns him about Siegfried the Swarm, a crazy Malkavian vampire that some believe is a prophet. After getting some discreet texts off he manages to meet up with Luc in a park nearby where he informs Luc about his upcoming meeting. Luc tells him that he shouldn’t worry about killing humans if necessary to keep his disguise. With nearly the next breath Luc warns Bastion that none of this can ever come back on him—and threatens to kill Nadia if ever it does.

The next night Bastion and his pack members take one of the human prisoners with him to meet “the Swarm.” Deep in the mountains they find a cave with spider webs and eyes carved all over the walls and forest. Inside the cave he finds a pitch dark, deadly silent room. Bastion begins to hear whispered voices, whispered screams of agony, and whispered pleas to be freed. Siegfried begins to speak directly to Bastion in his mind. The Swarm asks about Bastion’s past, why he wants to join the swarm, what he feels about the lives of humans and whether he is prepared to pay the costs of war.

Bastion sees visions of Kindred bursting into flames, war spilling into the streets, and a cloud of shadow rolling over several vampires aflame. When the Swarm asks him about the Camirilla Bastion answers that he doesn’t like the way the Camirilla tries to force him to be something, to bow down to inferior creatures wills. The Swarm asks about Bastion’s run in with the Camirilla and Bastion sees a vision of Luc slitting Nadia’s throat and laughing about it. Bastion is asked to fill the chalice on the altar with the blood of the prisoner, and when he does the Swarm descends from the ceiling to add his own blood to the chalice.

Bastion drinks the mixture and is overcome with visions. He sees Luc sleeping with a younger, red-haired Nadia; he sees Luc in the car with a thirteen year-old red-haired girl and her parents; and finally he sees the image of a burning vampire engulfed in a cloud of pure darkness. When the visions fade Bastion is met with the Swarm itself. He asks Bastion whether he is prepared for a full out war, and the terrible costs that come from fighting for the Sabbat. When Bastion responds that he is ready, The Swarm snarls “then you are a fool,” and with that disappears.

Bastion ends the night with the abduction of a drive through chinese restaurant employee and another meeting with Luc. Luc seems worried about the blood bond Bastion has formed with the Swarm, and worried about the Vaulderie which is supposed to occur tomorrow night. Bastion questions Luc ’s trustworthiness and asks for proof that Nadia is still alive. Luc gives Bastion proof with a disturbing phone call—a call in which Nadia screams that Luc should not be trusted. With a parting warning that trust goes both ways Luc heads back to the city and Bastion returns to his new pack home.

Now, Bastion heads deeper into the Sabbat fold…

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