For as long as there have been humans, there has been war. And it seems that even those that carry on beyond their deaths have a lesson which they never learn: war has no winners. Still, they fight on.

The Camarilla of Denver has a problem. A large Sabbat pack has decided that Denver is going to be their home. For now this pack is weaving in and out of city, spending the majority of their time somewhere beyond the city—but coming and going as they please. The bigger problem for the Camarilla is not this pack’s feeding, it is their complete disregard of the masquerade. Their foolish bravado blinding them to the dangers humans would pose if they knew vampires were more than legend. Increasingly, this pack is becoming a threat not only to Denver vampire society, but to vampires all around the world.

But one cainite’s strife is another’s opportunity. As the prince spends his resources dealing with the Sabbat, one primogen quietly positions himself to seize control.

For Nadia—a vengeful vampire hunter with a sordid past—one thing is certain. As war rages on beyond the boundaries of death, blood will be spilled. Her only goal is to make sure it’s his blood and not hers…

Legacy of Laurian

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